Press machine

T4000 press can guarantee high degree of accuracy in the production process.
Mold heating type: oil temperature heating / electric heating / steam heating
hydraulic cylinderse: Parker, HPS, Merkle, SMC, etc.
press machine working table: 4000mm * 3200mm

Equipment Spe QTY
Gantry Machining Center VF-3000 4
Gantry Machining Center(GL Series) SUPS28*30 1
CNC VMM-168 3
High-Speed Gantry Milling Center MOU23*30 3
32/16T Bridge Crane 1705179 2
20/10T Bridge Crane 1705170 4
 Radial Drilling Machine /  
Universal Rocker Milling Machine X-4AM  
Lathe CA6140B/A*1000 3
Grinding Machine M7132H  
Vertical Lifting Milling Machine XA5032  
Clamping Machine DXS-3020-500 2
Press Machine TF-LM4000T 1
Press Machine 2000T 2
Press Machine Y71-315T 5
Mold Temperature Machine TQW120 6
Extruding Machine Y71K-1500A 1
FARO M3.5 2

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