What is Suase business scope?

Suase is major in SMC/BMC/GMT/LFT/RTM/Carbon fiber mould manufacture, and provide related technical support.

What is your mould price?

Our price is customized according to the size, material and life of your product, technical support and after-sales service are free of charge.

What about the size scope of molds you can make?

Molds reach to length 4 meters, width 2.8 meters, and 60 tons in weight.

How large is the press machine? How many press machine you have?

We are in possessing of 4000T , totally 10 sets press machine for mould trail.

What type of files can you accept?

We can accept different type of files such as IGES, DWG, STP, X_T, PDF.   IGES, DWG, STP, X_T, PDF

Do you sign non-disclose agreement?

Yes, for each project, we must be sign non-disclose agreement, ensure relevant information is not leaked.

Our policy is to comply with the requirements of the confidentiality agreement. If we do not get your consent,

we will not disclose any information about your products or your company to third parties, and any copies will be prohibited.

what is the mould package for shipment?

After the mold is completed, we will spray paint and grease on the surface, wrap the mold with plastic film, and then put it in a sterilized wooden box. Attachment

1. Mold manual (including drawings and material certification); 2. Related mold accessories; 3. Ring bolts.

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