• PHC workshop carries out experiential outward bound training of “Leadership style”

    In order to further improve the team collaboration, communication and coordination, and strengthen the execution and responsibility of the team, PHC workshop held an experience-oriented outward development training of “Leadership style” attended by more than 30 people after the monthl...
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  • Advantages and disadvantages of composite materials used in aircraft

    Composite materials, especially those made of glass fiber, carbon fiber and Kevlar fiber, have been widely used in the aircraft industry. They are stronger and lighter than aluminum, the most commonly used metal in aircraft fuselages. Composite materials are so named because they consist of two o...
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  • Main points of mold design in SMC molding process

    SMC molding is an advanced composite material molding method, and the mold is the basis of the SMC process. Good product quality is guaranteed by a reliable mold. Therefore, in the design work of the SMC molding process, the design of the mold is particularly important. In the SMC molding design ...
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  • Beginning of industrial strategic alliance of Suase & German Ruhl Puromer

      In order to better show the guests the new technologies and technologies independently developed by Suase, samples such as engine hood, rear door, battery cover, lightweight wall panel , high-speed rail interior parts and other samples are displayed on the first floor lobby. Among them, the hoo...
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