Beginning of industrial strategic alliance of Suase & German Ruhl Puromer

  In order to better show the guests the new technologies and technologies independently developed by Suase, samples such as engine hood, rear door, battery cover, lightweight wall panel , high-speed rail interior parts and other samples are displayed on the first floor lobby.

Among them, the hood and high-speed rail interior parts are manufactured using the new process HHC-LCB independently developed by Suase, and won the international 2018 Altair Enlighten award nomination award.



Strategic cooperation is based on long-term cooperation considerations, which based on common interests to achieve in-depth cooperation. It is a rigorous decision made by both parties after consideration. The working group of the venue layout work activity admits that it is really rigorous in preparation.

This event has received strong support from the society, Fang Jinchun, Deputy Director of Huangyan District Science and Technology Bureau, Jin Jianguo, Director of Chengjiang Sub-district Office of Huangyan District, Guan Jian, Deputy Director, Chairman of Jingcheng Times Group, Chairman of Zhejiang Tianchuang Group, Huangyan Xingtai Company The general manager attended the event, and companies such as Purdue, Zhejiang Saihao and other companies sent representatives to participate in the event and discussed the cooperation and industrial development.



   The two parties of this strategic cooperation are China Suase and German Ruhl Puromer . The cooperation between Shansheng and Ruipu started in December 2014. Through five years of close cooperation, great results have been achieved. Consistency has laid a solid foundation for the strategic cooperation between the two sides.

   Mr. Li Jiachun, Chairman of Shansheng Group, and General Manager of German Ruipu Company made a speech on the cooperation between the two parties. Mr. Kleba, the general manager of Ruipu in Germany, said that Ruipu, as a professional supplier of polyurethane system materials for nearly 100 years, has been looking for suitable enterprises to cooperate with each other for better development and service in the Chinese market. Collaborate to confirm that Shan Sheng, who is innovative, is the most suitable partner of Ruipu


   Chairman Li Jiachun expressed his gratitude to German Ruhl ’s support for PU materials during product development , and proposed that the strategic cooperation with German Ruipu is the beginning of an industrial strategic alliance. Strategic alliances, such as the Junle, Julong, Jinfa major material manufacturers alliance; introduction of equipment and intelligent manufacturers, cooperation with KraussMaffei, Henneth Machine to develop new liquid raw material injection molding process; cooperation with KUKA to develop molds Polishing workstations and automated CNC complete solutions; introducing Hexagon’s testing technology and application management software platform and integrating big data analysis; combining major universities and application objects such as FAW R&D Center, Beiqi, Geely, JMC, FAW, Great Wall Etc., the entire upstream and downstream R&D industry has undergone industrial integration to form a strategic alliance.




   The signing ceremony between Suase and Ruhl Puromer  was successfully completed, and strategic cooperation has just begun. The industry alliance is the way to go. It is not full but it will definitely arrive.


Post time: Jun-10-2020

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