PHC workshop carries out experiential outward bound training of “Leadership style”

In order to further improve the team collaboration, communication and coordination, and strengthen the execution and responsibility of the team, PHC workshop held an experience-oriented outward development training of “Leadership style” attended by more than 30 people after the monthly inventory at 10:00 a.m. on September 6th, 2021. The hr manager Zhang Dongya was the instructor of the training.

This outward bound training mainly focuses on “experiential” training. In the way of project challenge, the team members can learn from small things and experience how to strengthen communication and coordination, strengthen responsibility and improve team cooperation so as to successfully complete the challenge tasks under the premise of obeying the rules when the team encounters problems.At the same time, let team employees through their own experience, and combining with actual explore to improve their deficiencies, and inspire imagination and creativity, improve the ability of problem solving, strengthen team cohesion, also hope that through outreach programs, let them know to each employee’s role and responsibility, strengthen the team members sense of responsibility and collective sense of honor, and take this opportunity toSet up support, cooperate with each other’s team spirit and overall consciousness, so as to achieve the purpose of inspiring their own.


After the training teacher led everyone to complete the simple opening warm-up, all staff in PHC workshop were divided into three groups for team challenge. Each team selected a team leader, who coordinated to solve all problems in the project challenge and led the team to complete the challenge.The team challenge project is to solve the “Da Vinci code” decoding fight which requires all team members only get one chance to each, opened in sequence composed of the same design and color from A ~ K CARDS, captain challenge to lead the team before the game, the game process only as observers do not participate in the challenge, the challenge will be divided into three rounds,The first round allowed team members to communicate with each other;In the second round, each team is allowed to send one representative to communicate with the leader;No communication is allowed throughout the third round. In each round, the first person is the winner, and the second or third team leader has to take responsibility for the failure of the challenge, namely doing push-ups.In order to complete the challenge, each team tried its best, and each team leader bravely took on the responsibilities of the team leader, making suggestions, dividing tasks, organizing and coordinating, and so on.Finally, the team led by 1 team leader Xu Zhiguang for three consecutive rounds with the fastest speed to complete the “decoding” won the first place, the second and third team leader is brave to assume the failed to complete the task of punishment, that is, the second team leader Qin Lun and the third team leader Yuan Banfan respectively completed 60 and 80 push-ups of the task.”The team did not challenge success, I am responsible, AND I am willing to bear the punishment of failure,” said Yuan Pingfan, leader of the third team.


After 2 hours of training, everyone wanting more, in this kind of experiential training in the process of combining with the implementation of the company and the team operational objectives, in combination with each team that is the characteristics of the team members in different growth period change, by challenging projects, lead team members to experience, spontaneous comprehension, quickly understand how to manage their own, abide by the company discipline,Follow orders, follow orders and help the captain achieve his goals.At the same time, I also guided the team leader how to unify their thoughts, organize and coordinate team members, so that everyone can work together, shoulder the task of team leader, and create a better tomorrow for Shuangsheng.

Post time: Sep-17-2021

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